wonhoformer member of Monsta X meets again with the boys of the group at a wedding, The fans could not believe what they were seeing, they could not be happier. Wonho had to withdraw from Monsta X in 2019, after some of his relationships Private conversations with your friends will create controversy and controversy.

Since then, Wonho has built a successful career on his own, gathering a large number of loyal fans. even many fans from Monsta X also follow the now soloist Wonho. Monsta X has also morphed into a successful, best-selling boy group known for their talent and personalities. humorous.

Followers have exploded social networks, and they couldn’t believe that the old Monsta X had reunited again, even if it was for a while. Both MONSTA X and Wonho have grown and improved to become successful each one in their own way, and it is that since the same year they separated they had not seen each other again.

The fandom Both of them were excited to realize that they had unknowingly met again, in the same place, all thanks to a couple of weddings that took place last weekend. In fact, almost all of the artists in the organization Starship Entertainment came together to celebrate this incredible occasion.

The fans began to say that maybe the weddings were from employees of the company IVE, MONSTA X, WJSN, Jung Sewoon, Wonho, and even the disbanded SISTAR were present. A number of talented K-Pop idols gathered at the ceremony. Although Wonho positioned himself on the far right, literally on the other side of where the Monsta X boys were, the fans were satisfied and happy to see them together again in one take.