The women’s football team from the Aleksandro-Nevsky district became the bronze medalist of the continental football league

From 8 to 10 May in Moscow at the stadium “Vernadka Park” was held a football tournament among women’s teams of the Continental Football League.

The Ryazan region was represented by the ZhFK OA “named after General Skobelev” from the Alexander Nevsky district.

The first match in Group “B” Ryazan girls played on May 8 against a strong team “Strogino”. They achieved a very important victory with a score of 4:2. The current champion of Russia 7×7 led 2:0 already in the third minute. However, the CFL debutant quickly reduced the gap to a minimum. And in the second half, the ZhFK OA “named after General Skobelev” showed enchanting football, scoring three goals, and laying one of the main favorites of the tournament on the shoulder blades.

Soon the St. Petersburg “Butsa” entered the fight, taking the bronze of the Russian 7×7 championship in Sochi. The second match in a row football players from Alexander Nevsky district, unfortunately, lost with a score of 1:2.

However, the very next day ZhFK OA “im. General Skobelev” defeated “Roshal” – 15:0. In the semi-final, the Ryazan team lost to the Strogino team (Moscow) – 0:2.

In the match for the third place, “Butsa” (St. Petersburg) and ZhFK OA “named after General Skobelev” (Ryazan region) met. Alexander Nevsky girls took a convincing revenge for their failure at the group stage with a score of 3:1. In the 1st minute, Yulia Dementieva led her team forward, in the 6th, Anastasia Kastyukhina doubled the result. After that, Irina Ulogova managed to win back one goal, but in the 21st minute, Anastasia Kastyukhina set the final result – 3:1.