Women around the world are increasingly refusing to wear panties. Why are they doing this and what are they risking?

In social networks, you can increasingly find a very radical trend, whose supporters openly boast to the entire Internet that they have completely abandoned underwear. Among the adherents of this idea are ordinary women, famous bloggers, Hollywood celebrities, and even the daughter of a former president. USA. Such videos receive hundreds of thousands of views, and more and more participants are interested in the movement. Why women no longer want to wear panties and what gynecologists think about it – in the material of

Heiress without panties

One of the famous opponents of cowards is the daughter of the 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush Jenna Bush Hager. In one of the interviews she toldwho never wears underwear, not even to dinner with the future king Great Britain, Prince Charles, showed up without panties. The heir to the American politician claims that this decision has made life easier. In addition, Bush-Hager boasted that after completely giving up panties, clothes began to fit her better.

This makes the silhouette beautiful. Plus, you don’t need to take a lot of things with you on a trip.

Jenna Bush Hager

daughter of the 43rd US President George W. Bush

The daughter of a former American president is far from the only celebrity who doesn’t like underwear. For example, a TV star Kim Kardashian Before she founded her own lingerie brand, she said that she often wears nothing under her clothes. Actresses spoke about the same habit Kim CattrallOctavia Spencer, singer Lady Gaga and others. Performer of the role of the villain in the film “Cruella” Emma Thompson one day admittedthat hates any underwear. “This is not my story. I don’t even like “comfortable” underwear. I don’t feel comfortable in it,” Thompson explained.

It’s not only outrageous celebrities who are consistent in their decision not to wear anything under their clothes. According to survey YouGov, 17 percent of Americans—that is, about 56 million people—always or often go without underwear. Many panty haters have shared on social media that not wearing this item of clothing helps them take care of their mental and physical health. Therefore, over time, this idea turned, if not into a movement, then certainly into a full-fledged trend.

Daughter of former US President George W. Bush, Jenna Bush-Hager. Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters

How did the trend start?

On TikTok, this trend has become massive in 2021. Videos about ditching underwear were recorded by fitness bloggers who didn’t like how even discreet models were highly visible when they wore tight-fitting sportswear. Gradually, other exercise enthusiasts picked up the trend.

Today on TikTok, hundreds of athletes who have given up panties share their impressions and life hacks with each other, publishing videos under the hashtag go commando, that is, “walking without underwear.” Literally, this expression means “to walk like a commando.” According to the most widespread theory, the expression acquired a new meaning during the war. Vietnam. Then, American servicemen allegedly did not put on underwear before the forced march, as it strongly rubbed the intimate parts of the body due to the heat, sweat and lack of shower.

Modern Tik-Tok commandos are sure that the absence of panties really helps them train better: they have freedom of movement and do not need to constantly adjust their sweat-soaked underwear. “I don’t wear panties! It’s much more comfortable, and there are no wrinkles under the pants. This method was suggested to me Khloe Kardashian. I tried it and I don’t regret it,” said popular Australian model Ellie Gonsalves on her account.

Australian model Ellie Gonsalves. Photo: @ellie_gonsalves

Another blogger Jessie Schneiderman went further and decided go without underwear everywhere, not just in the gym. She admitted that in her youth such an idea seemed disgusting to her, but by the age of 40 she changed her mind.

Two years ago I suddenly wondered: why do I wear underwear? It’s so great not to have to do this, so I started Googling. Obviously, there is no clear explanation for why we wear underpants. Most often they say that people simply feel more protected psychologically and physically

Jesse Schneiderm


There are benefits to giving up underwear

Although completely giving up underwear seems like a pretty radical idea, there are no strict recommendations from doctors regarding whether or not to wear them. Some gynecologists even see advantages in this. So, gynecologist at Yale Medical University Mary Jane Minkin believesthat both wearing panties and not wearing them have their pros and cons.

For example, she warned that if you wear jeans or other pants made of thick fabric on a naked body, you can easily damage the delicate skin of the intimate area and thereby provoke an infection of the genitals and urinary tract

Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

However, if you are careful and maintain hygiene, then the lack of underwear will not harm your health and can even be beneficial. Thus, according to Minkin, those who like to wear clothes on their naked bodies reduce the risk of thrush, rashes, acne and irritation go away, and the level of discomfort in the intimate area decreases – this is facilitated by a constant flow of air.

But whether it is useful to play sports without underwear is a question on which experts do not have a consensus. While some doctors urge you to always wear it during training, others argue in favor of its absence.

When playing sports, your underwear gets wet from sweat. This creates favorable conditions for the development of fungal infections such as shingles, also known as jock itch. If you sweat a lot, avoiding underwear will improve air flow to your genitals, which may prevent the development of yeast infections.

Mary Jane Minkin


Obstetrician-gynecologist Felice Gersh addsthat giving up underwear at least temporarily is useful for those women who have inflamed hair follicles in the groin area. She also claims that this is a prevention of bacterial vaginosis, which usually appears when the balance of the vaginal microflora is disturbed, causing itching and burning during urination.

According to Healthline The habit of not wearing underwear has another advantage – it helps fight unpleasant body odor. The fact is that because of sweat, panties become a breeding ground for bacteria, the waste products of which give the body an unpleasant odor. If sweat evaporates without lingering on the skin, then your body will smell better.

Lack of underwear can cause health problems

At the same time, some doctors are confident that it is worth wearing underwear. For example, according to words According to dermatologist David E. Bank, the additional layer of fabric creates a barrier and protects against bacteria, fungi and dirt found in the environment. Ultimately, according to the doctor, women should be guided by their own sense of comfort and preference when choosing underwear or leaving the house without it.

Natalya Vergasova, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Israeli Hadassah Clinic branch in the Skolkovo International Medical Cluster, added that underwear also absorbs moisture and secretions from the genitals. “Normally, they can range from four to six milliliters per day,” the doctor said.

Vergasova advised choosing cotton underwear of classic models. According to her, options made of synthetic materials, thongs, and shapewear provoke the growth of bacteria, causing frequent exacerbations of vulvovaginitis and circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs.

She added that if a woman decides to go without panties in everyday life, then she needs to be prepared for risks and inconveniences: she will have to wash her clothes very often, and the risk of injury due to hard fabrics and seams will increase. In addition, walking without panties in the cold can lead to hypothermia and, as a result, exacerbation of inflammatory diseases.

There are also advantages to giving up underwear that are not related to physiology: women who do not wear them may notice an increase in libido. A woman’s sense of self changes, which has a beneficial effect on her psycho-emotional state. And this, you see, is also important!

Natalia Vergasova


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