Woman pretended to be pregnant to marry rich man

IN China A resident of Sichuan province pretended to be pregnant and tried to find a wealthy husband. About it reports South China Morning Post (SCMP).

A 32-year-old woman made herself an artificial belly and went out into the streets to find a rich man for future marriage. She stood next to other people who were looking for partners in public places. This practice is common in China and is often organized by the parents of the bride and groom. The Chinese woman decided that thanks to an artificial belly she would be able to find a worthy partner who could provide for her future family.

A woman stood on the street with a piece of paper in her hands on which she wrote her personal information. The Chinese woman indicated that she was five months pregnant. She also explained what kind of man she wants next to her. “He must have an apartment and a car, a salary of more than 20 thousand yuan (250 thousand rubles) per month. And he must treat me and my child well,” she pointed out.

The Chinese woman attracted the attention of several men. Among others, an elderly local resident approached her and said that he was ready to introduce the woman to his 40-year-old son. However, when the Chinese woman found out that the potential groom’s salary was eight thousand yuan (100 thousand rubles), she immediately refused to meet him. “I won’t consider a man who earns less than 20,000 yuan because he won’t be able to support my child properly,” she said.

The woman posted the video, filmed while meeting men, online. Users were suspicious of the Chinese woman and doubted her honesty. Local authorities later stated that the woman was not in fact pregnant. According to them, she lied to local residents and published the video for the sake of popularity on the Internet. She is now under investigation.

Previously reportedthat the resident USA invented cancer and other diseases in her seven-year-old daughter in order to receive donations. The woman forged documents about the disease and also created a page on a social network, which she dedicated to the girl’s fight against a non-existent disease.

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