In Brazil, a baby was born who can now be called the most rock and roll baby of all time. A boy named Luan Figueiro was born at a Metallica concert at the Couto Pereira stadium.

The musicians of the band shared the details of the joyful event on their page on the social network. According to the performers themselves, over the course of 40 years of touring, very different things happened to them, but they experienced this for the first time.

It is also interesting that a fan of the group purchased a concert ticket three years ago, but each time the tours were canceled and postponed. When touring activities resumed, the expectant mother decided not to miss her chance.

As it became known after the fact, the girl began to give birth when there were three songs left in the group’s program. Initially, the musicians planned to take her to the hospital in an ambulance, but there was not enough time for this and everything happened at the stadium.

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