The research service of, the largest Russian online platform for finding jobs and employees, found out whether residents of the Rostov region often receive bonus payments from employers.

As it turned out, 17% of Russians receive their thirteenth salary or bonus at the end of the year. Another 41% of respondents said that they do not have a bonus system in their companies, 12% receive one-time incentive payments for certain work, 19% have monthly bonuses, 9% – once a quarter, another 3% – once every six months.

  • As it turned out as a result of the survey, 13% of workers in the Rostov region can boast of having the thirteenth salary. Another 20% pay bonuses once a month, 9% – once a quarter, and 2% – once every six months. Every tenth (10%) employee of the region receives payments for the performance of certain tasks, and 45% of the polled Donetsk residents said that there is no practice of bonuses in their companies, – notes Alyona Manokhina, head of the press service of Yug. – The presence of the thirteenth salary was most often mentioned by specialists in the areas of “Production of raw materials” (47%), “Civil service, NPOs” (35%), “Banks, investments, leasing” (34%). The share of those who have no awards at all is highest among specialists in such areas as: “Automotive business” (55%), “Safety” (53%), “Arts, entertainment, mass media”, “Tourism, hotels, restaurants”, “Working personnel” and “Construction, real estate” (51% each). Employees of the banking sector (34%), production and agriculture (29%), as well as sales (26%) are paid monthly more often than others.

It also turned out that most of those who do not receive bonuses are among employees aged 55 and older (42%), and the thirteenth salary is received mainly by employees aged 25 to 34 and 35-44 years (17% each).

In terms of regions of the Russian Federation, the share of those who do not have a bonus system at work is highest in the Astrakhan Region (59%), Altai Territory (54%) and Tomsk Region (53%). Residents of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (37%), Penza Region (30%), Ulyanovsk Region and Primorsky Territory (25% each) receive the thirteenth salary more often than others.

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