The scandal that the prince william and Kate Middleton They have been generated by the rumors of separation, they have made the media revive the controversial images where the heir to the throne of the British monarchy was seen with another woman, who had to be expelled from all royal activities.

The private life of princes of wales is still on the lips of all the media, and it is that since Kate affirmed in her own words that she did not expect any details from her husband for the day of Valentine’s Day, rumors of a possible separation do not stop appearing in the main news tabloids around the world.

The most controversial thing about this is that these rumors have been linked to the alleged lover that the Prince William has had for several years and that would be no one but Rose Hanbury, that girl with whom he was seen at a private party in 2019.

The photos went around the world, and their impact was so great that it made the Buckingham Palace issue an order; prohibit Hanbury’s attendance at various Monarchy events.

The truth of all is that these photos obtained from both of them continue to be the basis for talking about the possible present that the Wale’s princess; Maintain your position, remain silent or dare to talk about what your husband has done.

Approaching the date of the official coronation of the King Charles III how the new King of United Kingdom, some journalists affirm that the Princess would be waiting for this historic ceremony to take place in order to take action on the matter.

And you, what do you think is the outcome of these controversial rumors of separation between the prince william and Kate Middleton?