In 2022, the world witnessed the love breakup of Carol G. and Anuel AA after a relationship of several years. After that, both have gone their own ways. However, some rumors focused on the possibility of a new love in the heart of Karol G, which grabbed headlines in all the Latin media, who reported that the Paisa will choose a compatriot, who is being highly recognized in the country and is in the process of making his music become an international trend, it is about Feidalso know as Ferxxoand has a collaboration with Karol G called: Geek.

Fans of the duo began to closely follow their footsteps, looking for signs of a new romance that would emerge behind the scenes. However, the singers have been very careful because they did not leave traces anywhere, even so, little by little unexpected circumstances arose that led to rumors of a romance between the two Colombian artists.

Although nothing has been confirmed, Feid’s post has alerted fans who have realized that the “bichota» was at one of their concerts and despite the fact that the couple has not confirmed anything about their intimate relationship so far, many netizens decided to investigate further and found a video that mentioned a woman wearing a buso, with whom they met. it covered his face, he also wore large glasses and tried not to show the color of his hair.

In the pictures, you can see Feid blowing kisses at a woman who followed him onstage in the middle of the performance, acting casual.

For this reason, it is believed that the two artists are indeed in a relationship, but they have wanted to keep it a secret, obviously until the news is confirmed by one of the two, all that comes out are just rumors.

Would you like this duo to be in a relationship and see them releasing music together more often?