December 15, 2022, 14:58 – Public News Service – OSN

American actor Will Smith recalled a funny incident that happened to him on the set of the film “Liberation” directed by Antoine Fuqua. According to the scenario, he was chained, but after it turned out that the keys to them were lost.

Smith admitted that he fully understood his character after he was put on a metal collar, reports the Independent. “Then I stand like that, and they come up to me to take it off, but nothing comes out. It doesn’t open, my heart jumps and I think: Oh no, no, no,” the actor said.

According to him, he stood in this position for another 15 minutes, while the producer ran around looking for the keys. The case ended with the fact that all the shackles were safely removed from Smith.

In Deliverance, Will Smith plays a man named Peter who escaped from slavery. The premiere of the thriller, based on real events, took place on December 2.

Earlier it became known that Russian film companies were banned from using foreign music In movie. It is noted that music will disappear from Russian films and series, which are currently still in production.