The coronation of King Charles III and of course, his wife, the future queen Camilla Parkeris just one day away, and the whole of the United Kingdom and the entire world are in expectation, waiting for the biggest and most important event of the British monarchy to arrive on its day.

Royal fans are excited to see what will happen on May 6 at the westminster abbeyFor others, this ceremony is irrelevant, even so, there are many who do not know what the event will be about and why it is so important.

Here we will tell you three good compelling reasons not to miss anything that will happen at the coronation of King Carlos III, which compared to previous coronations, this will be transmitted on many television channels globally and on various entertainment websites where we can access spectate the expected ceremony.

The first reason is the world influencegreat leaders and political representatives will attend the event, there will also be several public figures with great influence on the masses, as are some world-class artists, even one or the other will present a show to pay tribute to his majesty.

He second reason is the cultural and historical wealthin this event we will be able to appreciate the medieval and renaissance art of the architecture of several British facilities, such as the prestigious Westminster Abbey, and we will also learn a little more about the traditions that transcend centuries ago in the Anglo-Saxon country.

Third and no less important, the symbology and the message that will broadcast this ceremony on unity, where the English people will see the British royal family reunited, which has been facing various controversies that have deteriorated relations between the members of the British crown.