The premiere of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ was set for May 2016. Garfield was going to bring life back to Peter parker Y James webb I would repeat behind the cameras. In addition, there were already plans for a fourth installment, although Webb had already made it clear that they did not have him to direct it. In parallel to all that, Sony was working on creating a universe in the wake of Marvel, using the Sinister Six

One of the most cited reasons for the dismissal of Andrew Garfield as Spiderman was motivated by the fact that the box office performance of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ It had been worse than expected, Sony began delaying the premiere of the third installment until 2018. For months there was hardly any news, with the exception of a statement from Garfield pointing out where the second installment had failed:

The next thing that was known was that Sony announced in February 2015 that it was canceling ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3 ′ and that he had reached an agreement with Marvel to share the character. Obviously, there were several movements to make this happen, the most striking perhaps was that the possibility that Garfield’s Spider-Man became part of the MCU, an idea that was quickly discarded.

We had to wait to know Garfield’s reaction to what happened, but he did not hesitate to affirm that the failure of his Spider-Man had broken his heart:

Something that happened with that experience, for me, is that actually the story and the character weren’t high on the priority list, in the end. And that seemed very, very complicated to me. I signed up to serve history, and to serve this amazing character that I’ve been disguising myself as since I was three years old, and then you have to compromise and it breaks your heart. It left me a little heartbroken, up to a point. Not at all. Andrew Garfield commented in an interview.

By then Sony and Marvel they had already signed up Tom holland to succeed him in the role of Spider-Man, although some time later we discovered several amazing details about what the third adventure led by Holland would have been like.

I think what happened was that if you have something that works as a block and you start removing parts, the common thread breaks, and it is difficult to regain the tone of the story. Some people in the study had problems with certain sections and they have the last word.