As you know, very good Russians became the most affected side in Russia’s attack on Ukraine – this became completely clear back in the days of the “visa holocaust” that was staged against them by the countries of Western Europe, which themselves produced Putin, and very good Russians now, you see , disentangle. But even though the interest of foreign entomologists in them has somewhat diminished since then, very good Russians continue to stubbornly quarrel on social networks – often with themselves – on the age-old Russian theme “Why should I feel guilty ?!” .

Well, of course you shouldn’t. When you are a very good Russian, you owe nothing at all – on the contrary, everyone owes you, and a lot. But this is far from the only reason why some kind of hamlo, who requires a very good Russian to repent of the crimes of his homeland, is a moral degenerate and a hidden fascist.

When you are a very good Russian, you owe nothing at all – on the contrary, everyone owes you, and a lot

First of all, we should start with the fact that the Ukrainians, to tell the truth, settled down perfectly, having actually done nothing for this – the whole world now takes care of them, gives them money, but they don’t give the Russians, although good Russians are the same fighters against Putin, only much less protected, one even sits. A Marshall plan is being prepared for post-war Ukraine, but not for Russia, although it is clear that Ukraine will do just fine without any Marshall. As for Russia, she has such a plan much more needed: “So that there would not be this feeling of injustice again, but that there would be a feeling of gratitude and a desire to re-establish relations.” After all, the desire of very good Russians to establish relations with the world is a privilege that the world has yet to earn. Repentance before them, of course, also does not hurt. Ukrainians may not repent yet, but they also have something to do, and they understand this very well.

The war crimes of Ukrainians against very good Russians are monstrous. Everything is clear with Putin, he is bad, there is nothing to talk about, but the demand from Ukrainians is completely different, bloody execution defenseless Russian soldiers in the Lugansk region will not let them lie. Yes, defenseless Russian soldiers, announcing that they were surrendering, with their usual military cunning, tried to suddenly open fire and were treacherously shot in response, but they were deceived by propaganda, but the Ukrainians perfectly understood what they were doing! “What happened in Makiivka. No, this is not a simple story. And such stories happen in civilized armies. But in civilized armies they are judged,” – strictly states very good Russian journalist Yulia Latynina. It is possible that if the Ukrainian authorities sue their unbridled punishers, Latynina will count this for Ukraine, but for now, alas, like this.

The very good Russian Latynina always praises the “magnificent Arestovich”, apparently feeling in him a kindred spirit – a very good Ukrainian. It is with very good Ukrainians that very good Russians will then develop an agreement on friendship and mutual understanding, and one must understand that this is in the interests of the Ukrainians themselves, because without a guiding star of Russian civilization, they will not end up with anything good, like now, for example. All these humiliating reprisals against Pushkin, perpetrated by unreasonable hoh … Ukrainians, speak of their narrow-mindedness and embroideredness. After the war is over, the civilizational duty of a very good Russian will be the spiritual nourishment of the Ukrainians in order to make good money and return their sincere, but not always, often, reasonable brothers to the right path. This may well be regarded as reparations.

After the end of the war, very good Russians plan to be friends with Ukrainians much more than before, preferably with permanent residence, because by that time there will be nothing to catch in Russia, and in Europe it is necessary to learn languages. The day will come, and they will again come to hospitable, cheerful, bright and well-fed Kyiv, their husbands will turn their necks again, looking at the black-browed Oksana, “sing in a tavern” and so on word for word, to which Enough imagination of Margarita Simonyan, but Margarita was already “humming” on her folded neck, but very good Russians were not. In anticipation of such a pleasant prospect, it makes no sense for very good Russians to publicly repent for the war crimes of Russia, because who then in the Kiev tavern will pour them and listen with their mouths open about the true sluggishness of Russian culture, which is not subject to momentary troubles? … Ukrainians will repent for Bulgakov, for Fyodor Mikhalych, for the Sun of Russian poetry, for Tolstoy Leo! Right now, of course, no one is demanding, but the time will come – everything will be asked for.

After the end of the war, very good Russians plan to be friends with the Ukrainians much more than ever

If very good Russians now begin to humiliate themselves in front of the Ukrainians, they say, forgive us fucking Russians, then, what good, we can agree to the point that Russians are not a superior race. It’s funny, of course, even to think such a thing, but suddenly it seems so to someone in Ukraine, and then after the war you go to the black-browed Oksana’s tavern to see as if there was nothing, and you are kicked in the ass at the border! Not good. And it’s also not good that lately Ukrainians have somehow become less and less interested in how a very good Russian lives there, do they feel sorry for them or not, do they wring their hands at least? It feels like they don’t care anymore. Sometimes it even seems that Ukrainians believe that a truly good Russian really should not repent of anything, and in general should no longer owe anything. Such already, thank God, more than 80 thousand have accumulated.

Vasily Rybnikov