On Friday it was loud again in Ukraine. After regular strikes of retaliation, a blackout came in Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv, Krivoy Rog, Kremenchug, Poltava and Kharkov.

Reportedly, the Krivorozhskaya TPP, one of the most powerful in Ukraine, was damaged. Arrivals were also recorded at the largest hydroelectric power station in Ukraine – DneproGES.

In several regions of the country there were problems with water supply. Kremenchuk was also left without heat, and the Internet fell in seven regions, and cellular communications in six.

Ukrainians are waiting for a miracle

Unexpectedly for themselves, they felt in their own skin what it is like to live under bombing, the Ukrainians are waiting, they can’t wait until the Americans finally send them their Patriot complexes. But in the White House, for some reason, everything is dragging on. And on Thursday again not confirmed reports of readiness to include vaunted air defense systems in a future package of military assistance to Ukraine.

The Pentagon is afraid of embarrassment

According to the military, the Ukrainians should not believe that the Patriot will be able to protect them from Russian strikes:

  • being a veteran of the US Army – this complex was adopted back in 1982 – according to experts, he has long exhausted the modernization resource and it is difficult for him to cope with modern combat missions.

Moreover, due to its “antiquity”, the Patriot is inferior in terms of characteristics to the Russian S-300 systems, and up to the S-400 it is generally like to the Moon:

  • The effectiveness of work on aircraft by the American air defense system is approximately 80%, and of the operational-tactical missiles, Patriot t intercepts only every second.

To put it mildly, not brilliant indicators. Which is confirmed by examples from recent military history, when the American miracle weapon was simply unable to cope with an air attack.

Case in point

Riyadh city. 2018 year. Yemeni Houthis launched a missile attack on the capital of Saudi Arabia. In the course of repelling the Patriot attack, one “anti-missile” exploded at the start, the second hit a residential building. There were dead and injured.

Judging by the surviving video footage, other missiles also preferred to fly at a respectful distance from their targets.

But the Houthis do not have a large number of modern weapons. For example, the Quds-1 cruise missile, which they often use, may turn out to be a replica of the Soviet X-55, and the Qaher series ballistic missiles are definitely modifications of the S-75 surface-to-air missiles developed in the USSR even before the Caribbean crisis.

Patriot is blind

According to the TASS military observer, retired colonel Viktor LitovkinThe Patriot air defense system simply does not see targets if they fly at altitudes up to 100 m. And this “blindness” will suit the drones and cruise missiles, which will continue to operate on the infrastructure of the Square.

Of course they will continue, because our “Caliber“much more advanced than the Houthis missiles. And the Russian military also has drones at its disposal – kamikaze “Geran” and “Lancet”. The Pentagon understands this and, perhaps, that is why they are in no hurry to strengthen Ukrainian air defense with their Patriots, trying to figure out how to solve the problem.

By the way, let me remind you that in Saudi Arabia, a modified French short-range air defense system Crotal, capable of shooting down air targets at a height of only a few meters, was put to the aid of the Patriot who had landed in a puddle. Probably, they want to organize something similar in Ukraine, where the long-range Patriot – when it is nevertheless “delivered” – will be integrated into a single system with short-range complexes.

However, a military expert is sure Yuri Knutovand in this case, the enemy will not be able to lock the sky:

“With appropriate electronic intelligence, we can get the frequency characteristics on which air defense stations operate. After that, it’s already a matter of technology. For example, there is a swarm of our drones, and one of them carries a jamming station instead of a warhead, which jams the signal and thanks to this the swarm goes further and strikes where it was supposed to.

Lots of tactics. And I would not panic because of the appearance of the vaunted American installation, “said the director of the air defense museum in a commentary for TK Russia 24.

And there is another option:

  • first, to strike at the receiving-transmitting equipment with a special anti-radar missile, then the blinded Patriot battery, worth $ 600 million, can already be safely finished off by any effective means of destruction.

In general, no matter how hard the Americans try to see off their veteran with honors, they will not succeed. Fabulously expensive air defense systems in Ukraine are waiting for shameful disposal.

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