The murder of the popular and openly gay Puerto Rican rapper still remains a very controversial issue where the main suspect and accused is nothing more and nothing less than the reggaeton player. Ozuna … Why is the prime suspect?

Kevin fret He was murdered on January 10, 2019. One of the reasons Ozuna is pointed out as the person responsible for the murder is that, apparently, Kevin discovered a pornographic video in which the artist appears.

According to the El Vocero de Puerto Rico portal, Kevin Fret’s murderer stole his wallet and cell phone, where it is presumed that the trap interpreter had stored pornographic recordings with which he allegedly intended to extort money from Ozuna.

According to the “El Vocero” medium, the authorities are reviewing links between Ozuna and Fret because El Negrito de Ojos Claros had sued the ragman after he allegedly tried to extort money from filtering compromising videos in which he participated.

This situation caused speculation of an alleged involvement of Ozuna in the murder of Kevin Fret, who was shot multiple times in the streets of Puerto Rico when he was riding his bicycle.

The mother of Kevin Fret, in her previous statements to the press, Hilda had already hinted that someone very powerful wanted to silence her son, but until a few months ago she had not directly accused Ozuna and his representative Vicente Saavedra of having ordered the murder of Kevin. But the late rapper’s sister has accused the popular singer a few months ago.

A few days after the tragic death of the ragman, it came to light that Ozuna had filed a complaint for blackmail and extortion in 2017 against him after having paid him more than $ 50,000 in exchange for not spreading a video of a sexual nature that the former had recorded in his youth and that he ended up seeing the light through the virtual sphere.

The situation worsened after several judicial entities of Puerto Rico confirm that the prosecutor who was previously in charge of the case was fired along with other professionals after confirming that they were receiving bribes to hide the case and not being able to reach the culprit. Was it Ozuna who made these bribes?

At this point, the case is still under construction, but all the pieces at this point have Ozuna as the main suspect in the murder of Kevin Fret.