On December 15, Christians remember the prophet Habakkuk, who predicted many important events. In the national calendar – Habakkuk Day. In Rus’, at that time, mothers tried not to let their children go a single step. It was believed that evil spirits could cause trouble to children.

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On December 15, Orthodox Christians will remember the prophet Habakkuk in prayer. He was the eighth of 12 minor seers. The name of Avvakum, who predicted the fall of the Temple in Jerusalem, the captivity of the Jews, their return to their homeland and the coming of the Messiah, is immortalized in the Old Testament. According to the scriptures, Habakkuk gave food to the prophet Daniel, who was thrown to the lions to be torn to pieces.

Folk calendar: Habakkuk day

In the folk calendar – Habakkuk Day, which is also called Habakkuk Day, Habakkuk. In the old days, this time was dedicated to protecting children from evil spirits.

Village healers performed special rituals to help protect kids from evil spirits. Our ancestors believed that on December 15 (December 2, old style) they go everywhere in search of easy prey. Therefore, on Habakkuk Day, mothers kept the children close from morning until night, not letting them go a single step away from them.

What to do on Habakkuk Day

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Habakkuk day our ancestors began with prayers in the temple. Saint Habakkuk, who is considered the patron saint of children, was asked to protect children from illnesses, injuries, evil spirits and unkind people.

The day was considered successful for cleansing the house of negativity. For this purpose, it was supposed to throw away or give away unnecessary things. On Habakkuk Day, women were engaged in needlework. It was allowed to spin, knit and sew, but not to patch holes in clothes.

Habakkuk day was supposed to be spent in a quiet family circle, communicating with relatives and children. There were no noisy gatherings – in Christmas post this is not welcome.

What Not to Do on Habakkuk Day

Habakkuk Day, like other folk holidays, is associated with many prohibitions. One of the main ones was associated with finds. The elders categorically forbade lifting money from the ground, as well as any objects, especially if they were lying at a crossroads. It is believed that in this way evil people can transmit damage. On Habakkuk Day prohibited:

  • Raise your voice to the children. After that, they can become seriously ill.
  • Do repair work. You can disturb the rest of the brownie, who will get angry and begin to take revenge on the owners.
  • Wash your hair, cut your hair, do your hair. The ban applies to pregnant women, who may then feel unwell.

On Habakkuk Day, our ancestors tried not to start new business, not to make plans and not to go on the road. Any initiative or journey could bring trouble.

Folk omens: Habakkuk Day

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Habakkuk day is considered auspicious for the weather forecast. If pets often eat at this time, this means that the animals are preparing for frost. If crows circle over houses – to bad weather. If at dawn you can hear the singing of birds – happiness is very close, you would not frighten him away.

On Avvakumov, the name day is celebrated by: Stepan, Andrey, Ivan, Nikolai, Kirill, Vladimir, Matvey, Boris, Sergey, Margarita. These people have a lot in common. They are beautiful, smart, educated. As a rule, they are leaders in teams. Resentment is not their trait, but it is not recommended to offend people born on December 15th.

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