American Edgar Cayce is considered one of the most authoritative visionaries of the last century. They called him the “sleeping prophet”.

In a state of trance, he carried out the so-called “readings”, during which he compiled recipes for almost all diseases. As for the predictions, many of them came true, but in some cases Casey seemed to hit the sky with his finger. Although, it’s still how to look.

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Casey was born on March 18, 1877 on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. It is known that his mother and paternal grandfather had a psychic gift. Mother from time to time heard voices that told her what to do in this or that situation, and warned her against trouble. According to the book My Life as a Seer, compiled by editor and publisher Robert Smith from Casey’s diaries, both he and his mother, Carrie, had the ability to see the dead.

A paranormal gift was discovered in Edgar in childhood, after a female otherworldly creature appeared to him – according to his description, either a fairy or an angel. Since then, the boy began to receive information, thanks to which he was able to heal people, as well as prophesy.

When Casey was engaged in “readings”, he, according to him, found himself in a hall without ceiling and walls, where he was met by an old man who handed him a book with the necessary entry. Casey himself believed that the old man and the book were only symbols that helped his “mental consciousness” to obtain the necessary information.

Visits to the White House

Some of Casey’s biographers claim that he was called to Washington on several occasions. In particular, Edgar allegedly attended an audience with US President Woodrow Wilson, who suffered a stroke in October 1919, as a result of which he lost sight of one eye and paralyzed the left side of his body. At the time of the meeting with Casey, the President moved in a wheelchair.

Casey gave a reading that indicated that Wilson’s time was coming to an end, and he would no longer be able to restore his health.

Judging by the dates, this visit could have taken place in late 1919 or early 1920. The seer himself only told that he happened to “give information for a certain high-ranking person.” So, it is not even known whether they met with the president in person. Information could also be conveyed through trusted persons. Casey’s friend David E. Kahn recalled that Colonel Starling, a member of the President’s Secret Service, who had known Edgar since childhood, facilitated the visit.

Joseph Millard, the author of one of the books about Casey, writes that he was repeatedly called to Washington during the First World War, but there is no information about this, since the clairvoyant was apparently taken from a non-disclosure agreement. As for the predictions for the sick Wilson, Millard has no information at all about this. One way or another, if Casey conducted a “reading” for the first person of the state, then he was unable to help him. Wilson died in February 1924 at the age of 66.

Edgar Cayce has been practicing clairvoyance and healing for over 40 years. He died on January 3, 1945 in Virginia Beach. By the way, both of his sons were at the front then, and he knew in advance that he would die before the war was over and they would return home.

Fulfilled and unfulfilled

Cayce’s predictions that have come true include major natural disasters such as the 1964 Alaska earthquake or the 1960 and 1971 Mount Etna eruptions. It is believed that Casey also predicted

  • stock market panic of 1929 and the Great Depression in the United States,
  • World War II
  • foundation of Israel
  • assassination of john kennedy
  • collapse of communism in the USSR.

In addition, he spoke many apocalyptic prophecies. For example, he talked about a global catastrophe that would change the earth’s relief so that a crack would appear on the American continent and Japan would sink. But all this should have happened at the end of the last century.

And misses “sleeping healer” were also characteristic. He predicted the triumph of democracy in China and the rise of Atlantis from the ocean in the late 1960s. In addition, at the dawn of fascism, Casey assured that Hitler was pursuing the noble goal of uniting all of Europe, and his regime brought happiness and prosperity to the peoples …

Interestingly, Casey did not like to predict world events. He assured that world history is influenced by many external factors, and predictions can only be made based on the current situation. That is, one can predict that certain events will occur with a certain probability, but if the situation changes radically, then the future will change too. It all depends on the choice of people.