Jimin He is considered by the members as a brother at heart, after going through many adventures with the group, he is part of a unique family among the band, and when sharing among all there are always moments of laughter, and more when most of his companions. called by his adorable nickname is Jimin’s time, as they revealed his funny nickname and ARMY he wants to know why they call him “Mochi”.

Before the path of stardom, he wanted to pronounce himself as “Baby J” or “Young Kid”, but according to time he gradually changed his nickname and used his real name to be known among his fans, but in the case of the members They call him Michi, Mochi and the fans really want what that nickname means for Jimin.

Mochi means Japanese dessert, because it is made of a bread with rice called mochigone and has a very sweet and soft texture, which was given by his personality and appearance among the members, in addition to Jimin being very tender and with chubby cheeks. , is considered by fans as a Japanese sweet.

Sometimes it is called “Baby Monchi”, by Jungkook between games, and in Spanish it translates as wisdom or something more imposing than the sky, according to Korean culture the names are very important because they describe their fortune and their future.

Below is the video that describes why Jimin is considered Mochi:

Do you think your nickname will have a meaning?