popular british actor Tom Holland and the popular American actress and singer zendaya They became a complete trend in social networks after spreading a rumor that they might be engaged. However, this was finally denied, but rumors also began that the proposal did exist, but the American actress and singer would have rejected it.

In recent days, a rumor of zendaya Y Tom Hollandwhere they affirm that the couple would not yet be prepared to take another step to make their romance official before everyone, and that apparently it was Zendaya who did not accept the marriage proposal from the protagonist of Spiderman.

Given this news, social networks began to question the possible reasons for the decision of the youth star. But what is known so far is that Zendaya is still focused on her professional career as an actress, so committing to her partner would bring her several problems in the future.

The truth is that whatever the reality and the decision that would have been made regarding not getting married yet, there are many fans and followers who also think the same as the actress. She recommends that he wait a little longer, to be able to agree to marry her beloved boyfriend.

The professional future of zendaya Y Tom Holland is brilliant, they are two of the most popular and sought-after youth actors in hollywood, Therefore, they must make the most of their artistic image and continue to achieve labor benefits that allow them to gain even more recognition than they already have.