Recently it became known that some of the artist’s wardrobe and accessories were put up for auction. Among the lots are gold earrings inlaid with turquoise and pearls, a checkered dress and a hat.

As it turned out, the initiator of the transfer of things Gurchenko was her widower Sergei Senin. According to him, he does not want to receive personal benefit from the sale, but simply agreed to the proposal of the organizers of the auction.

“This is an auction held at the request of the organizers of this auction. We provided a few items from the museum and that’s it.” Senin noticed.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the auction themselves reported that the recipient of the principal amount from the sale is the husband of the late artist. An agreement is concluded between the parties that determines the financial aspect.

“… 90 percent of what is received is transferred to the owner, we take 10 percent of the commission,” they explained.

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