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Alfie has a mouth full of zkaench tooth and a panic horror from the tooth. A new toothpick, Kousav, arrives in the town, a night falls on the town, and strange things happen in the dark. Learn about the toothpaste trap, and there is no lack of acid baths or flying skeletons.

He had his children put a half-toothed tooth for a fairy tale in the evening before sleeping, and the underside will find a dead snail, a living spider or hundreds of crawling disgusting birds. Someone evil and said it in Belech. Become a detective for a while and find out who long.

Pbh is for anyone who doesn’t want to brush their teeth. ek vs morbid, touching, sad and at the same time unrestrained funny first full of spoken words. With its typically English humor, it promises to entertain children and adults alike.

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The author of the book is David Walliams, a British actor and screenwriter, among others co-creators of the popular comedy Sri Malk Britnie, for which he and Matt Lucas received the BAFTA and British Comedy Awards. Since 2008 pe books for children. Bestsellers such as Babika drsaka, Mr. Smraoch, Boy in Skirts, Mal Billion, Krysburger or The Beast of Buckingham Thumb.

Audiobook by Ji Lbus.

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