Sever.Realii found a school attended by a 17-year-old girl who wrote “Murderers, you bombed him. Judas” at the installation about the twinning of St. Petersburg and Mariupol. Journalists learnedhow classmates relate to the girl’s act.

The girl’s school is located in the south of St. Petersburg. At first, teachers and school staff did not speak to the correspondent of the publication, but later the director of the school, Elena Artyukhina, and her deputy for educational work came to talk to her.

Artyukhina stated that she could not communicate with the journalist and tried to send her out of school. “I can’t speak any positions,” Sever.Realii quotes her as saying.

The journalist managed to talk to some of the students. The seventh grader said that “everyone has the right to express their thoughts,” and the girl from Dvortsova “needs support” and “understanding, not condemnation.” The ninth-graders said that “you can’t punish with fines for an opinion.” Other students who were not in the same class with the girl also spoke out in support of her.

A classmate of the girl said that in the class “they don’t talk about this situation.” She herself could not say that she approved of the act, but she condemned the persecution of the girl in social networks.

Another classmate said that the girl was an excellent student, “always fond of politics, adhered to opposition views”, describing her as “a very emotional person.” At the same time, the interlocutor of Sever.Realii specified that classmates rarely see the girl, since she is at home schooling. The interlocutor of the publication noted that she does not support the war in Ukraine and does not consider painted hearts an insult to the authorities or the RF Armed Forces.

“She, in fact, did the right thing, because flaunting hearts with Mariupol and St. Petersburg is stupid and disgusting,” Sever.Realii quotes the words of an eleventh-grader. She noted that teachers do not comment on the situation in any way and try not to express their attitude towards the war.

The installation “Double Hearts” appeared on Palace Square on December 12. On December 18, an inscription was noticed on it, after which the structure was partially dismantled.

On December 19, it became known that on suspicion of drawing the inscription detained A 17-year-old schoolgirl and drew up an administrative protocol against her on “discrediting” the RF Armed Forces. There is no information about the further course of the case. Although many social media users supported the girl, supporters of the war began to harass her on social networks and demand a harsh punishment. December 20 installation without inscription returned to Palace Square.

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