The direction of Issa (36) was met when he brought out an unknown woman at the premiere of the film Promleno. He immediately began to speculate that this was his new partner. And no wonder, his last friend, Julie Anna, found a new partner in Dubai. But now she spun back to the Czech Republic behind Smer, my heart was broken …

She accompanied Promleno at the premiere of the film Smera Issu zhadn ena. At the same time, everyone expected that the singer would bring to the company its expatriate Julia Anika ulcová, who was currently spinning from Dubai to the Czech Republic with the direction of the video clip. Instead, a completely unknown lady appeared next to Feka, who until recently claimed to be a single. Nm managed to find out who it was.

We’ve known each other for about a year and so, Lucka Vondrkov met. He’s a great hunter and because we’re both single, so we said not to bump into each other. I called Maria and she was a little upset because he wasn’t used to the media. She probably didn’t pay much attention. We were out together like this for the first time, Smer.

He managed to find out that this is a search for music videos by Maria Gross.

Direction with Mari

We released the clip Devils Beat with Smer, we didn’t last long and gave me a beautiful song in etin, this time, Marie Gross revealed.

However, many fans were stopped by Smer’s relationship with his ex. She talks to Smer and they wouldn’t like her Dubai question. Only her Dubai dream has faded.

She drank with a broken heart, confirmed Issa.

Julie-Anna and Abyan

Relationships that are not gradual but intense sometimes change very quickly, he added, but he and his ex did not talk about their ex-Dubai.

In particular, his heart didn’t heal either. Whether the two are drilled together is a question. Julie is back in Dubai in those weeks. So it would be a long-term relationship, and it didn’t work out once.

Direction Issa with Krsna Juli