Actor Zdenk Mahdal, his voice speaks for example Nicolas Cage, Eddie Murphy or Kevin Costner, did not introduce himself in Fru Karln. Sweat, which he had amused inside, blew up fresh air so he could surrender to the table outside.

It was known at the time that it would not stay there as a key in the fence, because with the increasing number of people, the same surprisingly enough people had, so an alternative, no less lush fringes was created before the company was cut.

Frum Karln oilo verky Nova. ast was abundant and the stars of the television were not missing either.

Oblben dabr quickly found sparring partners, and he was a moderator Martin Pouvamusician Petr Malsek, or his wife Dana Morvkov. With that Mahdal lta tvoil pr, slu se dode e pracovn. Moderated by spn poad Prima jzda.

I did this show for ten years, 900 hours in a row. I don’t think my colleagues and I would do the first ones then. But you are not hungry for Mahdal, and you can find him. Ledae, I’d make my own television. But I have the last billion to blame her, joked years ago for

Dana Morvkov got into a position with the divisive Zdek Mahdal.

Sweat came together during the surgery in the garden, where Mahdal played lover Morvkov.

As I came down from the screen as a moderator, and I grew up in a cathedral, I started doing normal acting. I entered the Surgery, revealed the actor in 2010 in an interview with the internet radio

Frum Karln oilo verky Nova. ast was plentiful and ample entertainment. Actor and drummer Zdenk Mahdal also took care of her.

As seen on Nova’s fingers, the friendship continues to this day and the two always look sorry.

Judging by the photos from the city, it was really a nice ride that Mahdal took most of all. His pace was stagnant, and anyone who tried to do so would lose time. Some defiant guests wanted to beat him, then the street was small and the battle with gravity was often over their ears. The actor cel veer settled with ct and with grci.