Elika Bukov (33) recently celebrated Christ’s birthday, while his experts are gradually starting families and getting married, a beautiful model dazzles fans with her slim legs. A husband, a family, and a clear sign that he is completely out of anorexia would make him a fool. Bukov absolutely loves children and is one of the prettiest girls. It is such a code that he is mainly in connection with his extreme thinness and the relationship he maintains with one Radek Vcho, who could not put a ring on him even if he wanted to.

You get along great with your ex-partners, she loves children, she’s a great person, and besides, she’s one of the most beautiful girls. In addition, she represented the Czech Republic at Miss Universe and was a talented artist. e is o Elice Bukov, who recently celebrated her 33rd birthday and who appears to the pope as an ideal matron for motherhood. However, his family’s ex-partner has a ring finger on her, and he is mainly in connection with his disturbingly fat figure.

Bukov herself admitted in 2013 that she suffers from an eating disorder. She also recently showed her hands on her Instagram, writing a message under the photo of the children to the effect that they look like sticks. However, this worries the fans and they speculate that Bukov is not completely out of anorexia.

Her ex-partner Vclav Noid Brta, whom she started dating in 2010, became a father of three at the beginning of this year.

Jakub Vgner and model Claudi enjoyed a relaxing wedding.

Ryb Jakub Vgner, with whom she had a very famous friendship, got married again last year. He married the beautiful German Claudia, who gave birth to his daughter Kaia this year.

Ruiks as sticks?

Meanwhile, Bukov and his foster dog from Kesansk date the married Radek Vcho, who cannot put the ring on her because of the law, even if he wanted to.

Her boss, according to Vcho Bukov, dreams of showing her status as a woman in public.

A wife, a beautiful family and a bit of muscle mass on top of that, many a fan would call a beautiful model, and everyone somehow hopes that nothing will be seen until then.

Elika Bukov set out with the dog to the restaurant’s stupidity. He spent a lot of time on the bike, and he had his hands full with his mobile phone.