As part of one of the many measures of state support, a lump sum payment of 450 thousand rubles is provided for repayment of the principal debt or interest on a mortgage loan. However, not all categories of citizens can receive it.


Specialists of the portal Explain.rf clarifiedthat this subsidy is allocated to families who have a third or subsequent child between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2023. It is noted that the age of older children and the official registration of marriage do not play a role. The only important criterion is the term of the loan agreement. It must be signed by July 1, 2024.

The reason for the refusal of a lump-sum payment may be the deprivation of parental rights, the cancellation of the adoption of a child, as well as a repeated request for this subsidy. It is clarified that the allowance is paid as a one-time payment, regardless of the birth of the next children or the statute of limitations for the first request.

As part of this support measure, citizens can repay several types of credit debt: buying a home in a house under construction, a new building or on the secondary market, purchasing a private house, an unfinished facility, a garden plot, residential development or running a personal subsidiary plot. In addition, this measure allows you to close the debt for the purchase of housing under preferential regional programs, for obtaining a share in the right of common ownership, as well as for refinanced loans received for the above purposes.

The requirements of the program are not eligible for consumer loans, for example, for a car or equipment, as well as loans for the purchase of commercial real estate.

You can apply for a subsidy in person at a branch of the creditor bank or online through the State Services portal. Within a few days, employees will check the information for compliance with the criteria of the program and, in case of a positive result, transfer the money to the creditor’s account. Transfer of funds is made only in a non-cash form from the DOM.RF account to the bank account. This mechanism involves automatic repayment of the loan, and also eliminates the possibility of overpayment if the amount of debt is less than 450 thousand rubles.

Payment is made to the creditor’s account within a week from the date of application to the bank. You can track the movement of the application remotely through the DOM.RF portal. Just enter the application number.