Influenza vaccination in St. Petersburg is “generally completed”, reported “Paper” in the health committee on 15 December. But it is still possible to get vaccinated against the disease.

Where to get vaccinated Mobile vaccination stations in the city had stopped working by December, as it was already too cold for vaccinators and doctors to be on the street and in cars, the health committee said.

At the same time, there are treatment rooms where vaccination is carried out in any district clinic, they said. “Paper” in the health department. So you can get vaccinated at any clinic, “if there is a vaccine,” the committee explained.

How many people are vaccinated. Oleg Ergashev, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, responsible for health care December 8 informedthat more than 3.25 million Petersburgers were vaccinated against influenza – 60.5% of the city’s population. “High coverage of the population with preventive vaccinations prevents the severe course of the disease and makes it possible to contain epidemic rises in the incidence,” Ergashev wrote in his Telegram channel.

Epidemic. December 15, head of the health committee Dmitry Lisovets declaredthat an epidemic of influenza and SARS begins in St. Petersburg. Over the past week, the seven-day epidemic threshold for influenza and SARS was exceeded by 76%. Now the bulk of the sick – more than 90% – are infected with swine flu (H1N1), about 3-4% of the sick – carry influenza A H3N2 and influenza B.

“Paper” spoke in detail about the fact that covid, “pandemic” influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections are now spreading in St. Petersburg at the same time. Doctors call the situation “tridemic”.