The activities of the two bodies are closely linked. If the liver is healthy, the gallbladder is fine, and vice versa. Overloaded liver is also manifested by dark circles under the eyes, brown patches on the skin, bad breath, reddened face, coated tongue, inflamed palms and soles, dark urine, light stools and pain in the right upper abdomen.

Physical problems that indicate gallbladder trouble include pain in the lower jaw, shoulder and hip pain, various digestive problems, vision and eye disorders, dizziness, tinnitus, hoarseness, bitterness in the mouth, skin allergies, dry skin, headaches in the area of ​​the jaws, forehead and corners of the eyes, but also a feeling of heat rising on the outside of the calves and thighs, painful swelling in the pit above the collarbone and in the armpits, hemorrhoids, etc.

Bet on the power of herbs

You can support the activity of the gallbladder and liver by consuming alkaline vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, watercress, onions, arugula, chicory, celery, cornmeal, artichokes). Limes, grapefruit, legumes, various oilseeds, virgin vegetable oils, walnuts and hazelnuts or sea fish (salmon, sardines) should also be included in the diet.

From the spice try mint, turmeric, sage, rosemary, dill seeds and cumin. You can use extracts from some excellent medicines, such as birch, juniper, rye, milk thistle or leuzea (maral root). The latter two in particular are real experts in the care of the liver and gallbladder.

Created for purification

Milk thistle is a species of ornamental thistle native to the Mediterranean and became famous in ancient times, when it was used as a remedy for snake bites.

Today it is used as a natural means to protect and strengthen the liver. This is due to a complex of substances called silymarin, which is so effective that it even helps regenerate damaged livers in drug addicts and alcoholics, people after poisoning (such as mushrooms or drugs), chemotherapy, the severely obese and those with liver cirrhosis.

A miracle from southern Siberia

Maral root acts as a strong immunostimulant and adaptogen. This wonderful medicine from southern Siberia increases physical and mental condition, helps manage stress, is used for chronic fatigue and is very suitable for everyone who is recovering from serious illnesses. It also has an anabolic effect (supports the storage of substances in the supply, muscle growth, etc.), regulates blood pressure, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

It can be grown well in our conditions, you can plant it in a flower bed. A leaf or root is used for healing.

The power of young buds

You can use herbs, oils, capsules, tablets or various herbal mixtures to help your liver and gallbladder function properly.

So-called gemmotherapeutics or bud tinctures are particularly effective. The germinal parts of plants contain extremely valuable substances (hormones, enzymes, trace elements, minerals, vitamins and many others), which do not occur in any other part of the plant.

What harms the liver and gallbladder

  • various drugs (analgesics, antibiotics, synthetic hormones and others)
  • some “e”, especially their mutual combination (individual additives may not be harmful in themselves, but in combination with others they can be very insidious)
  • too fatty foods
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • obesity
  • crossing viruses
  • too frequent stress
  • regular contact with chemicals