That time in Hollywood
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The now legendary director Quentin Tarantino has nine popular films to his credit, but for the first time ever he decided to write a novel based on one of them. Back in Hollywood in this form is more detailed, bloodier and no less sexy than the famous Oscar hit.

As on screen, the story unfolds here of actor Rick Dalton, who perceives the decline of his career with growing despair, and his double, chauffeur and friend Cliff Booth. Both have to cope with their own aging and the transformation of film culture, in which they are finding their place with difficulty.

In the novel, Tarantino managed to transfer his typical dark humor, sense of grotesque situations, provocation and surprising twists. It offers a full-fledged literary experience of movie pop culture in the wild sixties and a lot of stories from the real history of Hollywood.

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In the aforementioned film from 2019, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt played the central couple. The box office gross was over $370 million, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was nominated for two out of ten Oscar nominations, including one for Pitt’s performance in the supporting male role. The novel of the same name also became a bestseller immediately after its publication.

The audiobook is read by Jaromír Meduna.

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