Although some find it difficult to imagine the already deceased Queen isabel II In a state of uncontrolled fury, the monarch did experience that kind of attitude that made her even throw the dishes on the floor. And the culprit was nothing more and nothing less than the iconic and also deceased Diana Princess of Wales.

Although it was always known that between Lady Di and Queen Elizabeth there was some kind of rivalry, the reasons for the collapse of the monarch against the then Wale’s princess, It happened in an unexpected way and for a reason that many could not even have a mind.

Lady Di caused one day that the Queen will throw the dishes on the floor, and it is that according to the rumors that surround Buckingham Palace one night, Isabel II he exploded with rage because he hates oysters and seafood, which were accompanied by appetizing garlic. Princess Lady Di loved these sea delicacies and it was precisely she who ordered the kitchen staff to prepare them.

It was the first time that something like this had happened to Diana in her life, but for a clear defense of her, she was unaware that Queen Elizabeth hated that guy in a great way.

In addition, the members of the kitchen were not to blame either, since they only followed the princess’s orders and did not specify what such an embarrassing spectacle by Queen Elizabeth II would cause in the middle of dinner.

And although no one was to blame, it was the kitchen staff who ended up paying the piper as well as the palace cleaning staff.

And you, what do you think of the attitude that the Queen isabel II?