A year ago, few people imagined how much expectations and hopes would change in 2022. But some desires are just as relevant.

We asked you if any of what you wished for last New Year came true. Read what good 2022 brought to readers “Paper”.

– My desire, it seems, did not come true as I expected – I asked: “If only there was no war.” It was necessary to ask: “If only there was no SVO.”

– I dreamed of trying to live in another country – done. True, in another and only month, but, apparently, this year will teach me, among other things, to more specifically make wishes.

– He got himself a column and learned to drive moonshine. Because the time is.

– Traveled by train along the Trans-Siberian Railway through all of Russia and settled in St. Petersburg.

– I fell in love with a wonderful person with whom we coincide in many ways. True, September 21 soon came – and I received his declaration of love already from abroad, via WhatsApp.

– I waited for my son from the army (the most important thing from the “exercises”). “Behind the ribbon” was not, he did not take a sin on his soul.

— Bought winter boots. Last year, after covid unemployment, there was no money even for that.

– None. Not only did it not come true, but everything that was bright was taken away.

– Relatives and relatives are alive.

I finally made up my mind and did laser vision correction. My best decision this year.

– They gave me a hedgehog.

– This time, approach making wishes more carefully. For example, do not think that the war will end, because it may end in a nuclear winter, but [загадывайте,] for peace to come.

– What has already happened? Did I miss something? At least send pictures of where they are hung.

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