The construction of new metro stations in 2022 has become the most difficult task for the government of St. Petersburg, declared Governor Alexander Beglov in an interview with the St. Petersburg TV channel.

According to Beglov, all equipment for the construction of the subway is pledged to banks and the city is forced to rent it. The governor added that the existing equipment is outdated and needs repair, while banks refuse to issue equipment until the debts of Metrostroy OJSC are paid off.

The governor noted that now the authorities are thinking where, taking into account the sanctions, to buy the equipment necessary for construction. He added that the authorities allocated money for this. Earlier, Vladimir Schmidt, General Director of the Northern Capital Metrostroy, said that the metro in St. Petersburg is being built more slowly than in Moscow, due to the fact that sanctions are not allow buy new equipment.

Beglov also complained that for the construction of three subway stations in the Primorsky district, it is necessary to create a depot, but the site where the facility is planned is privately owned.

What you need to know. Formerly Alexander Beglov promised by 2040 to open 89 new metro stations in St. Petersburg – four months later he clarified his promise and stated that had meaning “subway facilities in general, the entire infrastructure.” There will be no new stations in the city in 2023.

Beglov expects that by the end of 2024, three stations will be launched in St. Petersburg: Gornaya (apparently, the Mining Institute is meant), Yugo-Zapadnaya and Putilovskaya.

In November, Beglov introduced an amendment to the budget bill for 2023, which reduced the cost of building the subway by 17 billion rubles. And in October it became known that St. Petersburg would take a loan of 8 billion rubles from the federal budget for the construction of two metro lines.

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