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What to watch this weekend: Black Mirror, Chris Hemsworth’s action movie and The Walking Dead spin-off

This week, streamers offer to stare fear in the face, watch a movie adaptation of your life, conquer the French court, and bail people out of trouble.

Tyler Rake 2: Rescue Operation
June 16, Netflix

A mercenary played by Chris Hemsworth has barely recovered from a hot mission in Bangladesh and is now sent to rescue the family of a Georgian gangster who is trapped in a local prison. The cast also includes Idris Elba, Golshifte Farahani, and Olga Kurylenko. In the chair of director Sam Hargrave, who directed the first part. The script was written by Joe Russo, who along with his brother Anthony served as a producer on the project. For the Russo brothers, who think in terms of franchises, Tyler Rake is a game to exhaustion, so the movie, subject to audience demand, will be sequel-rich. By the way, Chris Hemsworth has already hinted at the third part. The sequel is worth waiting for explosive action filmed in long shots with a moving camera (one of the scenes, they wrote, runs for 21 minutes without cuts).

Tyler Rake 2: Rescue Operation
The Walking Dead: City of the Dead
June 18, AMC

Another franchise this week was replenished with a new piece. There are currently four spin-offs branching off from the original Walking Dead series, with a fifth on the way. The City of the Dead is a direct sequel to that same original show. The plot centers on Maggie as she sets out to find her kidnapped child from her with Negan. Her path leads through Manhattan, which has become a hotbed of the dead. Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan return to their roles. The series was created by Eli Horne, one of the executive producers of the original The Walking Dead. Several episodes of the new show were directed by Kevin Dowling (“Jack Ryan”) and Lauren Yaconelli, who directed five episodes of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
All of Bo’s Fears
June 16, Kinopoisk, Okko

A ghostly journey in the spirit of Kafka and Freud awaits the protagonist of the new film by horror filmmaker Ari Aster (“Solstice”). According to the story, Bo, a man prone to anxiety and panic, after the death of his mother, involuntarily embarks on a journey through the deepest corners of his consciousness. Ari Aster this time not only scares but also does not forget to entertain. Starring the incredible Joaquin Phoenix. The film was produced by Studio A24. Critics appreciated the ingenuity of the picture and the director’s black humor. Some, however, felt that the film was lacking in cutting scissors. Still, three hours of running time may seem infinite, although this may well be considered part of the author’s intent.

All of Bo’s Fears
Black Mirror (Season 6)
June 15, Netflix

The latest season of the popular series once again explores the impact of technology on people’s lives. In the new series, the authors are interested not only in the present and the near future but also in the past: the action of some episodes will be transferred to 1979 and 1969. In the center of one of the episodes will be an ordinary woman. she discovers a series streaming that faithfully describes the events of her own life, with Salma Hayek in the lead role. The creator of Black Mirror is still Charlie Brooker. The new season will have five episodes in total.

Black Mirror (Season 6)
June 16, on the Web

The biographical drama follows Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, a dark-skinned French musician, and composer nicknamed Black Mozart. Chevalier was born a slave, but thanks to the help of his father and his excellent musical skills, he was able to curry favor with the French court and with Marie Antoinette herself. However, he also had villains who managed to orchestrate his downfall. The film was directed by veteran television personality Stephen Williams (“How to Get Away with Murder”). The main role was played by Calvin Harrison (” Elvis “, ” Cyrano “). Also starring in the film are Samara Weaving, Marton Csokas, and others. The premiere took place at the Toronto Film Festival, where the film received positive reviews from the press. Reviewers especially noted Calvin Harrison’s brilliant play.

falcon lake
June 13, on the Web

Vacation. A shy boy comes to Falcon Lake. There he falls in love with a girl a little older than him who believes that ghosts can communicate with her. The film shot on 16mm film, marked the debut of young Canadian director Charlotte Le Bon, who was often on the other side of the camera and starred in such films as “Love and the Penguins” and “Fresh.” “Falcon Lake” last year participated in the “Directors’ Fortnight” program, which takes place in parallel with the Cannes Film Festival. In addition, the film traveled to numerous international festivals, and in France, it received a César National Award nomination for Best First Feature. The press praised the visual style and the special mood of first love, which the director knows how to create.

falcon lake
the lost king
June 16, on the Web

Stephen Frears’ (“Philomena”) comedy film is based on actual events that took place in England. At the center of the story is history buff Philip Langley. By a strange coincidence, he is attracted to the figure of King Richard III of England. He joins the local historical community and tries to find the burial place of Richard III. Scientific and environmental experts stare at her in disbelief, until the woman discovers that the tomb of an ancient king lies under the asphalt of one of the local parking lots. The title role was played by Sally Hawkins, who was repeatedly nominated for an Oscar for her acting work in the films Jasmine and The Shape of Water.” The picture was shown at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and received high praise. from the press for his encouraging intonation and Hawkins’ excellent performance.

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