Watching the film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” is a tradition that has become a kind of symbol of the upcoming New Year for Russians. However, favorite movie masterpieces that convey the atmosphere of the holiday are also found in other countries.

Shot from the film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath”

The authors of the telegram channel “Explain.RF” amounted to a curious selection of films that people from other countries watch on New Year’s Eve. For example, the films It’s a Wonderful Life and Elf are popular among Americans. However, the film “Home Alone” won universal success and adoration. The plot is known not only in the USA, but also in Russia: a large family in a hurry goes on vacation from Chicago to Paris, but by coincidence forgets their eight-year-old son at home. From this moment, the funny adventures of a little boy begin, who suddenly gained complete freedom.

For 60 years now, Germans have preferred the black-and-white comedy sketch “Dinner for One” on New Year’s Eve. The TV show has been broadcast on local TV channels for many years. The plot is based on the story of an elderly lady who decided to celebrate her 90th birthday. But on the day of the celebration, it turned out that all her friends had died long ago, so the butler James played at the table of each of the guests. An interesting fact is that in 1998 the film entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most repeated TV show.

Watching the comedy genre before the holiday fell in love with the French. According to the inhabitants of France, the favorite film “Santa Claus – scumbag” has a specific humor, so foreigners may not like it. The action takes place in the helpline office. Various guests gather there, including a girl who ran away from an abusive boyfriend. According to the story, he moonlights as Santa Claus.

The film “Love Actually” is the main attribute of the New Year holiday for the British. Viewers watch several love stories develop in parallel. The feelings of the main characters turn their lives into chaos, but in the finale they understand that everything that happens was not accidental.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” told about family cartoons that will help create a holiday atmosphere and New Year’s mood. The selection includes: “The Night Before Christmas”, “Twelve Months”, The Nutcracker, “Santa Claus and the Gray Wolf”, “Winter in Prostokvashino” and others. These animated films will be able to captivate both children and adults.