The position in which people sleep affects their health to a large extent. Among the many options on this score, often contradictory, everyone chooses the most convenient for themselves, but not always safe. Therefore, the opinion of a somnologist will not be superfluous.


The widespread belief that sleeping on the left side is harmful, because the pressure on the heart increases, doctors call erroneous. From the point of view of anatomy, the human heart and lungs are reliably protected by the chest, no matter what position it is in. Moreover, somnologists claim that this position is optimal for a healthy and fulfilling sleep.

Nevertheless, there is a contraindication: for people suffering from reflux disease, when the contents of the stomach periodically reflux into the esophagus, it is better not to fall asleep on the left side, but to change position. But just do not lie on your back – doctors warn. In this case, the negative consequences of such an ailment will be even more severe.

Experts strongly recommend getting rid of the habit of sleeping on your back forever, arguing their position with at least three weighty arguments. First, this pose causes heartburn. Secondly, it makes it difficult to ventilate the posterior lower sections of the lungs.

Finally, and most importantly, sleeping on your back causes snoring, even if the person is healthy. As a result, the ground is created for the development of numerous and very dangerous diseases.

Researchers have found that heavy snoring, if it lasts more than half of sleep, doubles the risk of developing atherosclerosis. In addition, the vibrations produced by snoring affect the carotid arteries, causing a stroke. Somnologists are unanimous in their opinion that the best option is to sleep on your side, in the fetal position, when breathing is free and there is no pressure on the spine.