To find out details about your father’s life?
I am reading a book about my family called Zlomky, through which I find out how they have moved. In addition, I am from a generation who thinks that we should never forget what happened in the past. I wanted to provoke, to see if my father had agreed, so it really was. I found that practically what my father had done to me turned out to be true. I wanted to find out how his downfall affected my own life. The motivation to make this pbh was great. I grew up in Germany, the country that crushed the greatest strata, moreover, as the son of the worst victims of the Holocaust. I lived in Israel, now I live in London and my wife comes from West Africa. What Nazism did to the people, the whole family is very immediate today. Hate under the tracks.

Even after the wolf, many German people did not talk about the times of the time, with the exception of the first father, whom they knew as a sun and a clever hunter. kali mu, o idech nemme nemn mnn s exception s tebe.

Daniel Zylbersztajn-Lewandowskibritish newspaper

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