School No. 61 has classes where the temperature does not rise above 15 degrees.


Pupils of secondary school No. 61 in Omsk are forced to sit at the lessons in outerwear so as not to freeze. According to media reports, the temperature in a number of classrooms of the educational institution is far from normal and sometimes reaches 15 degrees and below. There is nothing surprising in the fact that in an already difficult epidemiological situations schoolchildren get sick, the Mash Telegram channel writes about this, to which the parents of the students told that representatives of the administration of the educational organization recommended that students wear warmer jackets in order to freeze.

The city authorities responded to media reports and said that measures would be taken to increase the temperature in the classrooms, in particular, the diameter of the nozzle at the entrance to the school would be increased. Next year, the administration of Omsk specified, the building of the educational institution will be inspected for the operation of engineering systems that provide classes with heat. The school will be refurbished in the future.

Previously, parents complained about low temperatures at school No. 31. Then the problem was eliminated, the reason was an accident on the networks. Mayor of Omsk Sergey Shelest promisedthat specialists from the regional department of education will check whether educational institutions observe the winter temperature regime.