Has anyone talked about how the entertainment and live music scene will be after the Coronavirus passes?  Venues, employers, employees, and musicians/artists struggle with finances.  Not many people can go months without a paycheck or some form of income.  The truth of the matter is, it can go several different ways. 

My initial thought is everyone will be so ready to get out and have fun, all the dance halls and honky-tonks will be loaded with people trying to get their live music fix.  The first few weeks removed from the pandemic will include packed crowds and great shows. 

Then I think, or will it be the opposite?  Has the economy taken such a bad turn that no one has the money to spend on entertainment and live events?  Many of the small businesses have closed due to the virus and their employees are past the point of return.  This will have to be a gradual return for the masses.  Does this starve out some of the artists and just bad timing for others?  If a gradual return is the answer, then what is the answer for COVID-20 or whatever the new strand of virus coming?

The point is, I’m a believer in humans.  We will develop a vaccine or preventative medicine.  People say that could take years.  I don’t feel that’s the case.  When put under pressure the human race prevails and always finds a way. 

We have to be smart with this, but shutting down America is NOT an option.  The elderly and people with weakened immune systems can be particularly in danger of the virus.  But, going to the grocery store and seeing perfectly healthy people walking around with masks doesn’t help the elderly.  Also, people hoarding essentials won’t help your grandparents live any longer.  If you are healthy and don’t need a mask, offer it to an elderly or someone who you know who’s immune system is compromised.  If you don’t need 20 extra rolls of toilet paper, please leave some for your neighbors.

All in all, we must ask ourselves, is this a ploy?  Is this left wing, right wing, or some other form of manipulation? Will this debilitate your freedom and your rights?  Many people are being affected by this shut-down, and at some point it raises the question….Are we safer moving on with life?