Have you ever wondered how you can smell Jungkook? The golden maknae of bts It has a truly surprising smell and that perhaps many did not expect.

It is no secret to anyone that the ARMY wants to know all the smallest details of the members of BTS. Among those, of course, is Jungkook, who enjoys enormous popularity around the world and who even their smell they want to know about.

In a recent broadcast on the platform of Instagram, american singer charlie puth received several messages from the ARMY, including about the collaboration process with the Golden Maknae.

What does Jungkook from BTS smell like? The singer did not hesitate to respond and confirmed what are the beauty habits of the minor member of bangtan.

Koreans, by genetics, do sweat, but they do not usually smell bad, so it is rare to find deodorants in stores in the country. However, they do often wear perfumes.

Jungkook, according to fans and followers, used to wear some girls’ fragrances because of their sweet smell, but charlie puth He put an end to all these rumors and spoke the truth.

The singer assured that he did not have time to smell it, but explained that Jungkook smells like soap, clean after bathing. Some fans also recalled that his groupmates said something similar, that his smell was quite mild.

At the end of the day, this is something that only his closest staff or people who have the opportunity to hug him will know.

And you, would you like to be close to Jungkook to be able to smell it?