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What does a long downtime lead to: plants appeared on the entire facade of the Udarnik cinema

“Drummer” has not functioned as a cinema for more than ten years.

After 2010, when the cinema closed here, there was an idea to turn the building into a concert hall. Then, when the Breus Foundation of Shalva Breus became the tenant of Udarnik, they wanted to create a museum of modern art in the former cinema (now the nearby GES-2 House of Culture is more likely to claim the title of such an actual site). Until 2015, exhibitions and cultural events were held in Udarnik, then the mayor’s office put the building up for auction, and then refused to sell it.

And here is the result of a long downtime, I would like to say, looking at the photo that was published today by the Zamoskvorechye 2.0 telegram channel. The authors of the channel claim that the building was “covered with artificial flowers as part of the reconstruction”, but in reality everything is completely different: the plants are alive, but they were planted on the facade for the Flower Jam festival. As part of the same festival in Moscow City, for example, appeared spectacular green installations, and in general, many squares in Moscow are now decorated with flowers.

It looks, to be honest, unusual and I would like to see in this decoration some hint of the imminent return of the cinema to Moscow life. On the other hand, cinemas are doing very badly right now – the opening will be strange.

Last year reportedthat the restoration of the building will begin in 2022, and before that, emergency work was underway there.

Photo: t.me/zamosk