January 3, 2023, 20:14 – Public News Service – OSN

Probably, many of us would like to start our lives from scratch, avoiding the mistakes that happened to you in the old one in the new year. This is especially true for those people for whom last year was unsuccessful. But, as a rule, it can be very difficult to do this, because in the old life there are your unresolved mistakes and problems that, most likely, will remind you of themselves over and over again. In order not to be disappointed in yourself and the new year, as well as to start life from scratch, you just need to change something in yourself for the better. Public News Service publishes some simple tips on what changes to start the new year with.

In order to start the new year with changes, you do not need to grasp at everything. Of course, there can be many adjustments, but you need to build a sequence to identify priorities, which is important to do first.

Solving difficulties

First of all, you need to change your approach to problem solving. Basically, when difficulties arise, a person experiences anxiety, fear. Many want to shift responsibility and get away from solving the problem. However, this position is fundamentally wrong, because it only leads to even more stress in the future. Until you take the situation into your own hands, it will not change and will come back to you again and again, even if you change your environment, work, and even place of residence.

Starting in the new year, try to change your attitude to difficulties. Start seeing any problem as a challenge, as a way to use your knowledge and skills. Stop being afraid to take responsibility. Understand that mistakes are completely normal. This is an experience that will benefit you in the future. After all, in the vast majority of cases, any mistake can be corrected, it is not difficult when you already have some experience of your own.

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It’s no secret that with age, our attitude to life, ourselves and our priorities change. If 10 years ago we wanted, for example, to buy a motorcycle and hang out all the time, now such ideas seem not quite relevant. With age, you want comfort, warmth and stability. Your values ​​have changed, so it is important to correlate your priorities with your life position and goals for the future.

You should always come first. Your life, health, desires should be entirely in your hands.


Your best investment of time and energy right now is self-esteem. Your future depends on your self-confidence. After all, a person who cannot defend his position, believe in himself and rebuff others will not be able to take risks in time. Most importantly, he will not even be able to believe that his dream can come true. Therefore, there will not even be an attempt to do anything.


Every year you promise yourself to change your life, but most of the time nothing happens. As a result, you’ve been dragging outdated beliefs with you for a long time. You do not fulfill the promises you made to yourself, and as a result, you justify this as well.

To start the new year in a new way, try to change what you believe in the new year. Don’t give up and take your old prejudices with you into the new year.


To change your desires, you need to change your habits. It’s hard, you have to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it.

Attitude towards rest

Work just needs to be diluted with rest. Of course, you can always do something useful, but in a different activity. However, you need to be able to relax and rest, otherwise you can just become very
irritable and broken.

You need to understand that rest is not a luxury. You need to learn how to properly relax, relax and do something interesting.

Attitude towards money

Don’t dismiss the value of money. Whatever one may say, money is a currency for which you can buy almost everything. Understand that you need to learn how to use them, so save, help your loved ones and be confident in your future.

Communication with loved ones

Goals and money are important, but don’t forget your loved ones. Try to devote more time to them in the new year. Unfortunately, life cannot be postponed until later, so value the time of your loved ones. After a while, you simply will not have such an opportunity, remember this.


It is our fears that most often help us achieve what we want. So don’t dwell on your fears. Sometimes it can be helpful to ask yourself what you fear more than shame, disappointment, or the unknown.