The members of bts They have already begun to reveal details of what they will have prepared for the 2025year where they will all return from their mandatory military service.

Since October of this year BIGHIT MUSIC reported that members of bts would perform military service, an act that is mandatory for all men of South Koreanoting that they would go one by one, starting with Jin.

The singer Jin who has prepared his enlistment on December 13th, He hopes that when they return they can join their group again and continue to be the most successful band in Kpop.

For his part, suga Y MRIin the first episode of the new program of suga«Suchwita»They were talking about the subject, trying to reach an agreement on what they would do when they returned in the 2025.

MRI admitted that for him 2025 she would let her hair grow again, and she could prepare some songs for the group to perform when they return.

But suga interrupts him by telling him that it is difficult to speak with confidence about what will happen in the future, however they agree that for the 2025 get back together. «Whatever happens, in 2025, if we all get back together and promote as a whole group, that would be great…really. I think that’s perfect«. added RM.

«2025 is the monumental year that The Most Beautiful Moment in Life would turn ten, so we can probably do something… I think we’ll try to keep that promise«. Expressed the rapper.

before this army He showed his full support for the group and admitted that although it will be fun to see some with short hair, and others with long hair, they will be looking forward to them.

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