The governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov drew a direct line on the channel “St. Petersburg”. Due to a number of technical problems, it lasted half as long as it should have.

Problems. During Beglov’s answer to a question about the timing of the construction of the metro, the broadcast was interrupted. After the return of the picture, Beglov and the head of the Smolny press service, Inna Karpushina, immediately turned to the issue of returning the mobilized home.

After 50 minutes of broadcast, Karpushina unexpectedly announced the need to wrap up, while mentioning that the conversation lasted two hours. After another pause, the direct line resumed – in the middle of answering the question about the construction of the subway. A few minutes later, the broadcast was interrupted again and did not resume.

Promises. During the broadcast, Beglov promised:

  • In 2023, completely solve the problem of helping deceived equity holders.
  • Eliminate the shortage of schools and kindergartens by 2025, introduce 62 schools and 106 kindergartens over the next three years.
  • To pay 10 thousand rubles each as a New Year’s gift to the children of the mobilized.
  • Create a headquarters and a public council that will jointly help Petersburgers who have returned from the war to adapt to civilian life and provide them and their families with psychological support.
  • “To work out the issue of optimization” of the parking permit system in St. Petersburg.

Beglov did not comment on the problems with cleaning the city from snow.