Increasingly, people are getting lizards as pets. These animals have long been popular as pets, and now it is no longer so much exotic or luxury as a conscious preference.

What types of lizards have become most popular in recent years among lovers of unusual pets?

Spotted eublefar

In the first place, you can put the spotted eublefar. He is unpretentious, can become tame.

Today, in addition to the natural color, there are many artificially bred. These lizards are clean and tidy, do not cause allergies, quickly get used to the owner, and some, if you believe the stories, can even distinguish the owner from the rest (chameleons also have this trait.) Eublefars can live up to thirty years.

banana eater

Also, many give their preference to banana-eater. These lizards are reluctant to walk on hands – they are shy, and therefore they often drop their tail, and, unfortunately, it no longer grows. But even if this happened, the absence of a tail does not prevent the banana eater from continuing to exist and lead a full life.

These lizards are omnivorous, especially fond of sweet fruits and baby puree. In content, they are also unpretentious and it is not difficult to breed them. The life expectancy of a banana eater is from fifteen to twenty years.

gecko toki

The current gecko, which has a bright beautiful color, is a larger and more ferocious animal. Before picking it up, it is worth putting on gloves, because the bites of an adult toka lizard can become a serious injury for a person.

If the currents clung to the “victim”, you need to drop a drop of vinegar on his nose. Males of this species make loud noises, so they attract the female. However, these geckos are nocturnal animals, and therefore it is worth preparing for the fact that they scream at night.

But, despite all the listed nuances, which are difficulties for many, currents are often found in the form of pets and on sale, since caring for them is not very difficult.


Felzuma – bright and active, has also gained popularity among reptile lovers. These geckos are diurnal, you can admire them and pay attention to them all day long.

Felsum is more difficult to maintain than the lizards listed above, however, caring for them is not associated with big problems. They do not recognize the person, respectively, will not make contact. They move with the help of suction cups on their paws on all smooth surfaces, so the terrarium should be tightly closed, as well as provide good ventilation in it and monitor humidity. Also, these geckos need a lamp, calcium supplements, vitamins.


Another popular gecko is the gemiteconix. Outwardly, it resembles a eublefar. Shows activity at night. Differs in calmness, slowness, aggression in relation to the person is absent. However, if it is a hemiteconix taken from nature, aggression will be inherent in it.

This lizard has a dark brown color and a light stripe along the back. Her gaze is expressive thanks to the moving eyelid. Climbing on smooth surfaces can not because of the presence of claws. The content of this particular gecko differs from the content of all those listed above.