Volunteers in the streets of Bue set up walls with advertising for local residents. Someone spray-painted children on the facade of the house in the background. (April 8, 2022)
| photo: AP

Sending our children to be raised in unfriendly countries is a blow to the future of the nation, wrote its authors in the draft law.

All countries of the European Union, Ukraine and two dozen other countries that imposed sanctions against Russia or joined them after the arrest of the Russian invasion of Ukraine were included in the list of non-friendly countries.

Great Britain, Jin Korea or Japan are among them. Previously, only the United States and the Czech Republic were on the list.

The draft law allows for the ban on adoption to be abolished in the future for individual countries, if these countries continue to carry out unfriendly actions in Russia.

In 2012, Russia banned adoptions from the US based on a controversial law with other anti-American sanctions. At the time, Moscow cited the unpunished death of adopted Russian children in the US as a reason. In general, however, it is believed that this was retaliation for American sanctions imposed on Russian officials involved in comparative human rights violations.

The draft law comes at a time when information is available that Russia has sent Ukrainian children from the occupied regions to Russia for foster care. These are primarily children who were forcibly separated from their families by soldiers or orphans.