Among those who could be killed by Israeli killings may be Hams members operating from both Lebanon and Qatar. The Times mentions, for example, the prominent military commander Saleh Arrho and Zaher Dabarin, who is in charge of the finance movement.

The flow to the LDOs in Gaza could become a rift for the Palestinian-Israeli wolf. Resources British letter According to the secret services, Israel nevertheless tries to send a clear first to its opponents. And so he intended to drink in his demands. Tamn Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced that Israel is entering a new wolf with terror.

It is characterized by the fact that a civilian national guard is formed, consisting of border guards, reservists and volunteers. Interven in emergency situations. The main goal of the government is to ensure the personal safety of Israeli citizens again, the prime minister noted.

At least nineteen Israelis have died in the middle of the middle half. The people were killed and seven others were injured last week on Thursday, when two men got out of a car in Elad and started hitting an ax on a passerby. The police eventually caught them in the woods.

This weekend was followed by two attempts at the flow, according to the analysis of the paper Haaretz. A Palestinian stabbed a policeman near Damascus in Jerusalem. He suffered minor injuries, while tonka lay down and injured hv.

About an hour later, there was an incident in the settlement of Tekoa jin from Bethlehem, where he and his man tried to break into one of the houses. He was shot dead by a settlement guard, who gave him a bag and fled, according to a witness.

The exuberant atmosphere of recent weeks has once again reached the Jerusalem Chrmov Mountains, where the famous Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Muslim shrine of Skaln dm and, in the past, the Jewish Chrm. Under Chrmova hora there is still a Jewish Ze nk. And because of fears that the government was going to allow the prayer to go directly to Chrmov hoe, there were regular clashes between Muslims and the police in the city.

Muslims pray to Chrmov hoe, non-Muslims can only visit her. That will not and will not change, Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Lapid said in April. He added a police bag to the city, because there are hundreds of Palestinian people sent by extremist organizations.

And only one of the recent flows would be able to connect directly with Hams, the Israelis, and I, according to the others. He encourages the Palestinians, who then do it on their own. Hams, for example, praised the April stellar in Tel Aviv, but did not sign up for n.

The United States and the European Union are also considered to be the terrorist high-ranking representatives of the movement. In particular, the name of Hams leader Jahji Sinvra himself fell.

Let everyone who’s puck start getting ready. And if you don’t have it, prepare a section, an ax or n, Sinvr urged the Palestinians. As for us, so was the meeting of the security forces of Israel. dn of them the adventures of the radical did not recommend due to the consequences of such in me mt. The cakes at the bag were supposed to reach Sinvra.