Where are the boundaries between a model and a plus size model?
It’s moving a lot. Ten years ago, when I started, a model from the size of eighty was considered a plus size, today they are far in t-size. The variance is still spread according to the client’s requirements. Some even my size is not twenty-two and no two.

women with a size of thirty are furnaces full of normal skin. Don’t you think a plus size sticker will make you honor fat?
The plus size label was originally intended only for modeling, in order to distinguish classic models with the size of thirty and hundredth from the newcomers who were dressed in size. Gradually, the gluten spread to the company and today, unfortunately, even women who do not give modeling are known as plus sizes. But a woman in a classic ready-made size should definitely not be called that.

Were you always satisfied with your character?
No, I’ve never been pretty, skinny holika. I soon started to have a big adra and full figure. Plus, I’m pretty tall. I was a terik ikana at the warehouse. At the age of eight, I had the honor of sheltering and fat, although I was about the age of about six kilograms. And in high school, I found out that I wasn’t that easy.

My family probably didn’t tell me how many notes on their vnm. In the high round, I was so respected by the sight and fat.

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