Daughter of Edita Piekha Ilona Bronevitskaya spoke about the talk that relatives forgot famous singer and do not visit her. This has been reported in the media.

Bronevitskaya assured that this is not so. According to her, relatives are always in touch with Edita Piekhahelp her with housework and visit often.

The artist explained that when Edita Piekha complains that everyone has forgotten about her, she does not mean family members, but her fans.

“We go there, we go, we call each other. When she says that she has been forgotten, she means the public. We are there all the time, changing doors, repairing refrigerators, water heaters. I am in touch every day,” Bronevitskaya explained. during the program “The Stars Aligned”.

Piekha’s daughter added that the legendary singer has health problems, so she spends all her time at home.

Journalists have recently been writing that Edita Piekha’s relatives no longer come to their famous mother and grandmother, in particular, her grandson Stas Piekha I haven’t seen her for three years.