The previous juices from Jablonec and Bohemians 1905 were only allowed to descend or be able to complete the unpredictable bar, when the Pardubice opponent, Karvin, has a certain floor after a recent 0: 2 portion in Jablonec. It is played on Saturday from 4 pm in crackling.

In the cabin, we thought that we didn’t really know how Karvin would deal with them, said Adam Lupa, one of the most prominent fighters of the past round, in an interview on the FK Pardubice website.

According to the 21-year-old football player, Karvin is a guest from Tetilig’s Beneov, just a nerve-free guest, just at the entrance. This Pardubice, with two identical victories 1: 0 and the six points connected by them, would catapult them out of the group’s city and on the unfortunate species, they will have a lot of tension like pagts. There are nine points in total and just joining the jet group does not represent the definitive skill of the first league.

Pardubice – Karviná

Saturday 16.00 online

Tm it will be t pro for us. But we have to focus on n cl, which is to avoid the barriers to which we could take a separate step on Saturday, said Lupa.

Truth; Before the swift battles with Zlín and Teplice, a dozen points would look promising. But let’s know it’s not over. We have the superstructure up and running in time, perhaps it will be possible to reach the designated customs, Lupa counts.

It is natural that Karvin is not alone, and in addition it is only two and a week since Pardubice helped 3: 2 in the last round of composition at its stadium. The magnifier did not appear on the trail at that time. However, he watched the collapse from the bench, when his teammates, until 2: 1, had a point triumph in the 70th minute, and even a draw in the 87th minute. This reversal would be a memento for n ml.

We have to be responsible for the previous match this time in the standard situation, in Karviná we got two corners around the corners, reminded Lupa. We are ready to be in the defense as well as it was in the case with Bohemka, the young Pardubice team joined.

It is also encouraging that Glamor Jakub Markovi was firmly behind the strong defense. He can fix any tricks that have otherwise noticeably decreased. That is why perhaps not so many flaws that Pardubice is twice as long as in the end.