This year it will be thirty years since we experienced a huge wave of emotions during the Velvet Revolution, the communist regime and the late departure of the Soviet army from the former Czechoslovakia. In the burrow, Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine. Takka in sight of the now wolf, which is a source of high voltage, a completely different species. How do they affect our mental health?
When we take it in the context of our lives, the first great authentic emotion for my generation was one that it experienced and was not referred to historians in August 1968. Vpd Sovt was accompanied by a feeling of absolute helplessness and outrage. Most of the people of the generation perceived it as something so unjust that at that moment we were sent to the Russian people. We have a thousand intellectual executioners that collective guilt does not exist, but this does not fully apply to these great events.

The next twenty years were accompanied by long-term frustrations, and we learned more and more. The positive emotions were released in November 1989. We honored a huge satisfaction, which many people in those twenty years did not even hope for. The two events, accompanied by completely conflicting emotions, were therefore closely related. What had nothing to do with them was the covid, who again after years brought us into some kind of model closed box. Although the courts were forced not by a political but by a health and epidemiological situation, they often resembled a closed regime. Again, the borders were introduced and the zoning clause of socialism replaced the shackling certificates.

Growing long-term existential fears of the world, not only us, but other children are beginning to plunge into it.

Cyril Hschlpsychiatrist

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