“It has been quite a long time since there was a vision in Prague,” said Ondřej Prokop at the beginning of the Shootout. “The biggest problem in Prague is that no one is conceptually managing it. No one solves the major investments, and only small, pleasing gestures, such as renaming the streets, are solved, “said Prokop.

According to him, the last time the Prague management had a vision was when Adriana Krnáčová was in the lead. The YES movement wants to go to the municipal elections this year, but with the proviso that it does not want to disrupt everything that the current leadership has introduced. “We want to build on meaningful projects, such as metro D,” said Prokop.

As part of the solution of complex transport in Prague, Prokop sees the introduction of the position of political coordinator, who will have a sufficient mandate to coordinate transport. “Today, it works by the mayor making excuses for the deputy, and he is making excuses for the official who is to coordinate the transport. He does well, but he does not have a sufficient mandate. The only one who can tell the transport company that something will be repaired in a month is the mayor or deputy transport, “says Prokop.

The topic of the moderator Vladimír Vokál’s shootout is also whether toilets in Prague restaurants should be accessible to passers-by free of charge.

The moderator Vladimír Vokál will also ask the former deputy mayor of Prague 11 about the scope of work in the municipality. Prokop He had previously been told that he had lost his post as deputy mayor after he had dared to openly criticize the “curatories” of Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib from the Czech Pirate Party.

Prokop regularly speaks out against the current Prague leadership. He criticized, for example, the alleged populism of the Prague City Council on the issue of free bicycles.

The shooting with the chairman of the YES movement in Prague, Ondřej Prokop, is broadcast by the live news website iDNES.cz on Wednesday, May 11 from 12:30 p.m.